About this podcast:
Don’t turn around is a podcast about the extraordinary and unexplained, but more importantly, it is about the human experience and how that experience is impacted and intertwined by that beyond our understand. It’s about the excitement and possibilities hiding in the shadows.

About the Phil Rossi
Phil Rossi is an author, musician, producer, podcaster, and voice actor.  His writing, podcasts, and music have been nominated for numerous awards over the years. In 2006, Phil released his debut novel Crescent as a podcast, and in in 2007,  Crescent was released in book form, quickly becoming an Amazon best-seller. Phil has a passion for story-telling matched only by the pleasure he derives from keeping his fans awake at night. Since its initial release, Crescent has lured thousands of readers and listeners into a dark, twisted world of nightmares and things that go bump in the night. Phil’s writing has been paralleled to Stephen King, Philip K. Dick, Arthur C. Clarke, and HP Lovecraft. He has a flair for vivid and often chilling imagery that lends itself to engrossing narratives and an undertone of inescapable, creeping dread. Phil lives in outside of Washington, DC in Virginia where he raises his two daughters. He performs as a solo artist and in several bands throughout the DC metropolitan area.

For more information about Phil and his other content, including other podcasts, visit http://www.philrossimedia.com